Basic Programs

The Gemstones

Below are links to Coaching Programs with me.  Each Gemstone has varying degrees of engagement, ranging from weekly interactions to daily motivational tips.  Keeping you on track and achieving more of your goals.

Additional Stones

Add-Ons & Descriptions


Power-Talk : topic of your choice

Need at minimum a 2 day notice to gather materials and give the most informed session from my scope of practice.  All materials will have reference information so you may further investigate.



Motivational Pep-Talk

  • NOW is the time to correct that negative self-talk.  In this session we reveal some personal conversations that are a bit absurd and work to create positive affirmations to aide in changing that self-talk to a motivating and ambitious machine.

  • Self-Talk : what is it and why does it matter

  • Positive Affirmations : define the words to define you



Grocery Shopping

  • Together we tackle the chore of hitting the grocery store.  Education on fruit and vegetable ripeness and seasons.  Label reading and chemicals/preservations to be aware of.  We can also plan a grocery budget and/or focus on quality stores.

    • Fruit

    • Veggies

    • Nutritional Labels

    • Caution: Chemicals in Food to be Aware of



Exercise Session

  • If you need a workout buddy or just another show of how-to, I’m available for you!  This Add-on is an additional personal training session catered toward your wants and goals.  We also discuss the role of social support.

    • Social Support

    • Exercise Routine



General Organizational Help

Generic guidelines personally tailored at making your life more efficient.

  • Breaking & Setting Habits

  • Chores/House Maintenance 

  • Finances 

  • Committing to Yourself




  • This collaborative endeavor with Goddess Dance Studio is for women (only) of all shapes and sizes who wish to gain confidence, have some fun, & feel sexy while exercising.  Take a chance & drop in for a class (or sign-up) to spice up your current workout routine.  Feel free to inquire for more information.


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