What Is A Health Coach & Who Could Use One?

In this article I take a moment to define what I believe a Health Coach is. I explain who I am in the realm of coaches, who could benefit from my help, and what I promise to give to my community. Health living is a choice, a way of life, and there is no one set way to accomplish smart living. It will always be a changing progression. My goal for us is to start making healthier choices now!

A health coach is a mentor who helps you with lifestyle choices, often in areas of nutrition, exercise, and self-care. Other areas health coaches may assist with are meditation techniques, referring to specialists, social support, budgeting, career guidance and any specialties pertaining to further certifications the coach may hold.

It is a health coach's priority to find positive habits and lifestyle choices that suite your wants and needs.

'Life is a journey with many paths to choose from.' - from Life is Like a River, a poem I wrote in my youth.

Typically a coach will begin the relationship with an introductory interview of sorts. This can be done through emails, face-to-face, skype, phone call, etc. The goal of the conversation is to open up to your health coach enough to admit where you are deficient so that you and the coach may begin brainstorming solutions.

After establishing the target goals, the health coach will probably have you sign a consent form, review expectations, and pay for services. Now we begin installing the new behavior(s). A good coach will periodically check in with the client to assist with accountability. Extraordinary coaches will introduce workout routines, a grocery shopping routine, cooking recipes, or meditation sequences to you.

One secret I know, the more you do something, the easier it is to do it again. It's called the law of facilitation and we can use it to our benefit. Coaches typically offer a plethora of programs to various levels of clients. Some coaches get real specific to personal needs while other coaches take less risk and stick to more generic based programs from textbooks and other already done programs.

So who can use a health coach?

Do you have some bad habits you need to break? Are you wanting to consume a healthier diet? Are you aware of your body's needs? Do you meet your exercise and nutritional needs? Really? Do you need to learn how to relax or better cope with stress? Are you confused with all the information overload with health and wellness? Do you want a plan that you can follow, that you created for yourself to commit to? You may just need a little extra nudge from a health coach to get you to your goals.

What kind of Health Coach am I?

I am a personal health coach who is not going to be able to take on many one-on-one clients. However, I am a licensed Massage Therapist, graduate from Charleston Southern University, and current Physical Therapy Student. While I may be short for time I am a resource bank of information and I enjoy finding solutions. I obtained my health coach certification from American Council on Exercise and have furthered my certifications in Functional Training. I specialize in creating personal awareness of the positive change you can have on your own health. I will benefit those looking for a boost in morale, who need help setting their goals, who may need a bit of importance reminding, and those who are seeking more knowledge about how their bodies work. I want to get my community moving and active. My big girl goal is to help increase awareness about the mind-body connection and decrease the raging depression present in our world. I promise to try and lead by example.

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