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Traditional Swedish Style Massage Inspired by Bloodstone Qualities.

Service Description

Experience the unique healing properties of a Bloodstone-60 massage at Spry Juncture. By combining massage and heat, this 60-minute treatment helps to relax muscles and improve the flow of energy throughout the body. Enjoy a healing and stress reducing massage today

Cancellation Policy

Massage Guidelines 1) Massage sessions will begin and end at the scheduled time. Sessions that begin late due to the client's late arrival will end at the scheduled time and the client will be billed for the full time. 2)All clients will be treated with respect and dignity. Personal and professional boundaries will be respected at all times. 3) Clients must provide an accurate health history and agree to inform their therapist of any updates or changes to their health/medical condition. 4)Any client with a contagious condition including common cold, influenza, stomach flu, coronavirus, meningitis, shingles, contagious skin conditions, etc. must not come into the office, but call to inform the therapist before scheduled appointment time. Clients may reschedule their appointment after the contagious condition has resolved. 5) Clients with signs of symptoms of an active systemic or localized infection (e.g. fever, sore throat, swelling, etc.) at the time of a scheduled massage are asked to notify their therapist and reschedule their appointment. 6) Massage therapists only provide therapeutic massage and modalities that are within the scope of practice for this licensed profession. Clients with acute injuries or conditions that are outside of the scope of practice for massage should consult with their doctor. 7)All clients will be appropriately draped with a sheet at all times during the massage session. Only the area(s) of the body that are currently being worked will be exposed. The genital area is never exposed or massaged. 8) Client privacy and confidentiality will be maintained at all times. 9) Any client who arrives under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave. 10) This is a non-smoking, odor-neutral massage office. 11)Clients are expected to be clean and have showered prior to receiving massage (on same day). 12) All clients are provided with a competent and professional massage that focuses on the needs of each individual client. 13) Harassment of any kind is not tolerated and the session will be terminated if this occurs, or if the practitioner's safety is compromised in any way. 14) Clients are asked to avoid eating a heavy meal during the two hours prior to receiving massage. 15) Appointments are confirmed between one to two days prior to the scheduled appointment.

Contact Details

  • Spry Juncture, Leinbach Drive, Charleston, SC, USA


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