Spry Beginning

Amber Karren - founder of Spry Juncture

           I asked myself, "What can I do to better myself today to apply myself for tomorrow?"  Specifically I want a way to use what I have been studying, gain experience working in my community, and build an environment my community can prosper in.  I don't want to falsely commit to a company I can't be passionate about.  I want to define my job so that I can give everyone my honest opinion and be at my personal best.  I am passionate about body awareness & finding daily opportunities to get moving.  I know massage and physical therapies are keys to harnessing our abilities & decluttering the mind.   I believe by setting and defining my standards in life, I am setting the example for others to live by.  ...  So here we are founding Spry Juncture on 4/20/2017.  Take a look around.  Get to know me, see if I can help you, maybe you could help me, and don't be afraid to leave your comments.