Box of being present.  When I'm not working on refining my skills to better serve I am meditatively completing other projects that ease my being.  I like to think this box of concepts balances the chaos & stress I've sown.  Gardening can allow me to give back more.  Learning how to embrace balance and the growth processes is a goal of mine.  

Box of drives & ambitions.  Set myself on some missions to prove to myself I could.  I have credentials I can share with you.  You'll better understand & trust me if you get to know me, but to get you started...  

Box of aspirations.  Happiness for all is an understatement for my wish on humanity.  We settle for so little.  When I find free time I plan & research other ways to help, self-reflect, & seek the truths we all should be seeking.  I'll share what I've found.

Any support goes to higher education and website development.

Spry Juncture

United States

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