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     Spry Juncture is your motivational coaching guide.  We promise to help you achieve more goals tomorrow, by starting with your behaviors today.  It is Spry's philosophy that everyone can lead a healthy lifestyle that, impacts one's future by harnessing self-efficacy and encouraging positive behaviors. 

     Spry Juncture focuses on 3 major pillars in life; Input, Output, & Drive.  Input refers to nutrition, exercise, and sensory stimulation.   Output is digestion, meditation, and excretion processes.   Drive is how you think, goals in mind, and your support system.   We will breakdown and prioritize your goals in a strategic manner; making new positive behaviors effortless habits. 


     As a bonus, Spry Juncture offers Massage therapy services, links to various healthcare providers, and networks with other personal trainers and instructors to help get you in-tune with your body.   


                                     Let's make your successes reality!

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What Is A Health Coach & Who Could Use One?

December 27, 2017

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December 27, 2017

In this article I take a moment to define what I believe a Health Coach is.  I explain who I am in the realm of coaches, who could benefit from my help, and what I promise to give to my community.  Health living is a choice, a way of life, and there is no one set way t...

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